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Zephyr Stone, also known as Zephyrus, was originally the fourth incarnation of the Divine of the West Wind, one of the twelve Divines that controlled the weather of the Medium. Due to the novice position he was in he was the target for a project undertaken by the Higher Church of St. Michael and Isis, in which all his brethren Divines were trapped within him and left him with insanity, multiple personalities and amnesia. While he is a Divine he has no control over his powers due to his crippling mental issues.


Zephyr Stone, after his third escape from the jail in Corin, met Irving Strapp aboard a trading vessel heading south. Together they began a search for the rumoured Cult of the Night Mother, but for separate purposes. It was the goal of Zephyr to cure his mind and gain occult knowledge that may get him out of his desperate situation. While traveling, Irving told him to send a letter to his home on St. Sebastian to his nephew Colin Strapp in the event of separation, which occured when Irving was discovered as a stowaway. After gaining some information on the First Alter of the Night Mother, Zephyr sent a letter and was subsequently captured for stealing in a port town.

The Last Days of the Beast[]

After being caught and transferred to his home prison in Corin Zephyr entered one of his bad states of mental collapse during which he forgot about the Night Mother and his travels with Irving.