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This is the wiki for all those involved in the project Pirates of Remus, a role-playing game. If you would like to be involved, email for information before posting anything!

Here are current completed chapters of the saga:

Part 1: The Last Days of the Beast

Prologue: The Observer (Ms. Marcia de Aetheri )

Chapter 1: The Aristocrat (Lord Kalivo Erasmus )

Chapter 2: The Mutineer (Quartermaster Aion Oscal )

Chapter 3: The Stowaway (Mr. Colin Strapp )

Chapter 4: The Captain (Captain Beata Krook )

Chapter 5: The Fallen (Mr. Were Frait )

Chapter 6: The Cursed (Captain Beata Krook )

Chapter 7: The Prisoner (Mr. Zephyr Stone )

Chapter 8: The Gambler (Third Lieutenant Arthur Roberts )

Chapter 9: The Shadow (Acolyte David J. Reynolds )

Chapter 10: The Mountain (Captain Gredalkend )

Chapter 11: The Performer

Chapter 12: The Void

Chapter 13: The Hunter

Chapter 14: The

Chapter 15: The Sacrifice


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