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Mauretani Isles[edit | edit source]

The Mauretani Isles are off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean. They were previously colonized by the Romans, who then let them go when North Africa was taken over by Arabs. The islands remained in a grey area and were forgotten, falling into disrepair. They were rediscovered as European countries began extensive colonizaiton, leading to a break-up of the islands between many different ruling parties. For the sake of harmony among the small group of islands and for the sake of the people there many of the nations have appointed local officials to run semi-autonomously, so as Europe broke into war, the isles kept steady peace, only occasionally brushing against each other with visiting naval ships. The isles acted as a good central trading post between the Americas, the colonies ont he coast of Africa and Europe.

Mauretani Isles

Below are links to information on each of the Isles. Ports are marked with a *.

1: St. Sebastian[edit | edit source]

Port Matthew


2: Corin[edit | edit source]



3: St. Agathius[edit | edit source]

Port Anthony

4: Marlestin[edit | edit source]

New Pagua

5: St. George's Island[edit | edit source]

Port Ivanoff

6: St. Elmo[edit | edit source]

San Elmo

San Septin

8: Santa Aegidia[edit | edit source]

El Gilas

9: Arman[edit | edit source]

No settlements

10: St. Eustace[edit | edit source]

Port John


11: Dionysius[edit | edit source]

New Konigsberg

14: St. Christopher[edit | edit source]

Port Crossroads

16: New Greenstone[edit | edit source]


17: Moriah[edit | edit source]


18: Carabal[edit | edit source]


19: Cyriacus[edit | edit source]

Port Divinity



20: Efrin Island[edit | edit source]


21: Effelholme[edit | edit source]

New Marington

22: Barbara[edit | edit source]

Port Mary

23: St. Blaise[edit | edit source]

Port Adas


26: Vitus[edit | edit source]

Port Girett

28: Mavinia[edit | edit source]

New Celeve

29: St. Margaret[edit | edit source]

Port Antioch

31: Pantaleon[edit | edit source]

Port Dila

34: Mary's Island[edit | edit source]


35: Edenia[edit | edit source]


36: Minerva[edit | edit source]

Fort Charlemagne

37: Mankitz[edit | edit source]

New Moskva

38: Turin[edit | edit source]

Fort George

39: Dankutsk[edit | edit source]

40: Aviga[edit | edit source]

Port Owlik

41: Raoul[edit | edit source]


42: Jeania[edit | edit source]


43: Philipia[edit | edit source]


44: Pepin[edit | edit source]

No settlements

45: Carlomia[edit | edit source]


46: Jibou[edit | edit source]

Fort Louis

47: Kilan[edit | edit source]

No settlements

52: Talos[edit | edit source]

54: Jinela[edit | edit source]

56: Erasmus Island[edit | edit source]

Erasmus Manor

57: Hallow's Island[edit | edit source]

63: Tornila[edit | edit source]

64: Safran[edit | edit source]

65: Nautila[edit | edit source]

Remus[edit | edit source]

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