PiratesofRemus Wiki

The Goal[]

The goal of this is to roleplay and collaborate on a large set of stories and jump and leap off each other in order to make an interesting story for ourselves and a world for us to explore and essentially fuck with majorly.


You manipulate the world through characters. Anything important for your character(s) should be put on a character page (see a page such as Zephy Stone to get an idea of the layout) and you should include your name on it. Once your character is settled with some back story, consider the story structure. If you want information about locations, there is also the location portal. Feel free to communicate with me (Jono) if you want to write the page or story for a background element, such as an island or NPC.

Story Structure[]

The story is currently on Part 1, which takes place in the Mauretani Islands. Note there are chapters on the front page, along with who appears in them. Read what other people are up to, consider the mythos and the history and where your character is and engage in recording a chapter. Each chapter has a main author in its infobox who gives the final say on the events of that chapter. Usually this is the controller of the main character of the chapter. If you help someone work on a chapter or give corrections etc, add your name to the contributors list. Also set the status of the story (Draft, Editable, Published) to show progress.


Talk to each other. Get a chapter and start talking. If you want help, you can ask me (Jono again) to give you responses, as in you have your character act, andthen I will write up the repsponse of the environment to your character's actions. Work together and build up the story.