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Gredalkend is a former navy captain and later pirate of the Atlantic who fell in battle against a set of skyship pilots from Remus, who took his dying body hostage. He was the masterpiece of the augmentation experiments undertaker by the artificier-priests of the Higher Church of St. Michael, which resulted in his current form. He is a large and imposing man who has been ressurected and reconstructed with parts of Remus itself, making him part automaton. His skyship, also designed in Remus, is operated by similar but mindless mechanations that act as his crew and the ship itself can incorporate him directly into its machinery. He is wanted by all those who live in Remus and he spends time laying low, trying to find a way to both be free of his hunters and to gain revenge.


After being brought to Remus he wasrebuilt with electrical and mystical parts of Remus itself, replacing half his body, including his chest, an arm, a leg and an eye. As son as he regained consciousness he fled from Remus, where the artificier-priests assumed he would return since only they had the electrical energy needed to recharge him and his skyship. Soon enough he found out that by flying through thunderstorms he can recharge his ship and himself, making him a storm chaser. The Remus Sentinium is discovered to not work on him as he is technically not mortal, and his attacks on skyships from Remus have signified that he needs to be destroyed. He later learned that his former ship and crew were, in fact, consumed by the Leviathan, and begins a quest to both kill the Beast and its current controllers, the twins Marcia and Eris de Aetheri.

The Last Days of the Beast[]

Wishing to locate Marcia and Eris to exact his revenge, Gredalkend spends his time hiding from Remus and hunting the Leviathan. He watches over the travels of Eris as she goes form crew to crew, waiting for a chance to take her hostage without having to face the Beast itself.