This is the portal to all the characters of the story. Those that are controlled by specific players are given a *. Each character also has a small summary of themselves as they were at the beignning of Part 1.


Standard humans beings of the world of 1718.

Sierra Arens*, a young bookloving shopkeeper's assistant in Mayfair, Corin.

Kalivo Erasmus*, the most wealthy and powerful businessman in the Mauretani Isles

Beata Krook*, the Swedish captain of the Tredje Ogat from Åland.

Aion Oscal*, the British quartermaster of the pirate ship the Reaver from the Mediterranean.

David J. Reynolds*, a newly trained acolyte of the Cult of the Night Mother from England.

Arthur Roberts*, the recently recruited carpenter of the Frech ship Achéron from Acadia.

Colin Strapp*, a young adventure-loving boy from Hackanaf, St. Sebastian.

Irving Strapp, a treasure-seeking opportunist from Hackanaf, St. Sebastian.

Anthony Thomas, the British captain of the Reaver from the Mediterranean.


The strange and occultish in-betweens that even have trouble knowing what to define themselves as.

Eris de Aetheri, also known as Iris, a young Aetheri twin from Remus and the twin of Marcia.

Marcia de Aetheri, a young Aetheri who lives in Remus, uses the Sentinium and is the twin of Eris.

Gredalkend*, an on-the-run captain from Remus who is kept alive by clockwork and thunder.

Veles, also known as the Blood God, previously a Fallen who now takes human sacrifice to survive.

Zephyr Stone, the mortal and deranged prison of the twelve gods of the wind and weather.


Divines that find themselves in poor standing are forced into the Medium to live out a mortal lifetime during which they may regain their honor.

Isis, the Divine of magic who was exiled for giving her secrets to mortals.

Midas, the Divine of gold who was exiled for the creation of Xanadu.

Were Frait*, the Heir to the Divine of alcohol.


The beings of the Above and Below who maintain the universe. The Above are filled with Scribes who moniter the universe and delay its ending, while the Keepers of the Below process and maintain the universe as it is, while a majority of souls are kept in the Medium to live and die normal lives.

Aken, the Divine of the space between worlds.

Izanami, the Keeper of those souls who die at the hands of Divines and their creations.

Michael, the Scribe of war who is stuck in the Medium.

Nepthys, also known as the Night Mother, she is the Scribe of night and is trapped in the Medium.

Perri Grame, the Divine of death and the passage between worlds, kept in the Medium to limit his power.

Seraphiel, the mute steward of God.


Leviathan, also called the Kraken or the Beast, a living and tamable gate to the Below.

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