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Name: Arthur Roberts

Age/Sex/Birthdate: 19, M, ?/?/??

Appearance: Wispy, scraggly ginger hair, thin, 5'9"

Current Location: Achéron, Port Girett, Vitus (French)

Stylings: Corporal and Carpenter of the Achéron

Currently Wearing:

Uniform Shirt and Coat (Clean)

Uniform Pants (Slightly too big)

Long Boots (Fairly worn)

Leather Belt (Clean, has loops to hold tools)

Currently Carrying:

Fine Cutlass (On left side in scabbard)

Deck of Cards (In pocket)


Carpenter (You know how to work with tools and can conduct basic woodworking.)

Sleight-of-Hand (You can slip and slide your way through decks and dice.)

Unbalanced (You are not the best on your legs. As a matter-of-fact you are not the best sitting either.)

Multilingual (You can speak French)

Original Profile:

Name: Arthur Roberts

Sex: Male

Age: 19

What you look like: Wispy, scraggly ginger hair, thin, 5'9"

Where you were born: Born and raised in Port Royal, Acadia, until 1710, when he, his brothers, and his mothers fled to France to escape the Siege of Port Royal (actual thing, haha), during which his father died. Settled in the town of Royan in southwestern France. Worked as a carpenter's apprentice, where he learned basic mathematics.

Childhood Hobby: Card games and tricks

Family: Father is dead. Has two brothers and a mother. Cares for him mother, but is a bit annoyed that she doesn't try harder to support the family, as he and his brothers do. Mother's name is Alice Roberts. Two older brothers, current ages 30 and 22. Has a mutual sense of respect for them, since they all worked to support themselves and their mother. Names are Edward Roberts III (30) and Thom Roberts (22) All three still live in France, Edward III having become a politician. Arthur has some contact with them whenever he finds himself in town.

Strengths: As stated, good at card tricks and other forms of slight-of-hand. Enjoys conning people, but more out of a desire to see how much he can get away with then to steal things. Because of this, he doesn't always keep when he cons people out of, usually explaining that it was all in good fun.

Weaknesses: Physically reckless. A bit unbalanced, but that doesn't stop him from attempting dangerous activities.

Preferred Faction: Independent Piracy, although tries not to attack Canadian ships or places, out of a sense of nationality.

More stuff: Clearly enjoys the idea of being a pirate. Would leave victims alive whenever possible, partially for moral reasons, but mostly so his reputation will spread. Has a lot of bravado, but a more caring side is there.

Preferred Method of Update: Gmail